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Research Methodology Assignment Smud

Example of a Completed Assignment that would get a ++ Grade

New APA requires include DOI whenever available

Name: Sharon Clayton

Student Generated Topic :  What kind of understanding of the concepts of truth and lying do 2-3 year olds exhibit.

Article 1

Berthoud-Papandropoulou, I.(2003).Is a false belief statement a lie or a truthful statement? Judgments and explanations of children

aged 3 to 8.Developmental Science, 6,173-177. doi:10.1111/1467-7687.00268 

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Article 2

Talwar, V. & Lee, K.  (2002).  Emergence of white-lie telling in children between 3 and 7 years of age.  Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 48, 160-181.


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Article 3:

, M.,  Lussier, G. L. & Maring, B. L. The distinction between lying and pretending.  Journal of Cognition and Development, 4, 299-323.


At Knox? – Yes


Article 4:

Xu, F., Jing, C. & Liu, Y.  (2002).  Understanding concepts and moral evaluations of white-lie and truth-telling.  Acta Psychologica Sinica, 34, 74-80

(Note article 4 had no DOI)

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Search Strategy – I started out by brainstorming the following key words for my topic :

Concept: 2-3 yr old – toddler – preschool

Concept: truth / lying – veracity – dissemble*

Concept : understanding – grasp – cognitive ability

I then developed the search strategy ::

( toddler* or "3 year old*" ) and (truth or lie or lying or veracity or dissemble*) and (understanding or grasp or cognitive)

I went to PsycInfo and did the search. It resulted in several hits. I looked through the first 20 and picked 3 that looked relevant.  I then identified the descriptors in those 3 that seemed useful.  I went back and re-did the search as follows : child attitudes (as a descriptor phrase) and deception (as a descriptor) and preschool (as an age group term)   .  From that list I picked the 4 most relevant articles.  Three of these were indicated via The FindIt! button as being held by Knox online.  So, I followed the links provided by the Find IT button and printed each out.  The final one was not available at Knox in print, and the FindIT! Button indicated it was not available online.  So I placed an interlibrary loan request for it.

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