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Chinese Vines Do Your Homework

A Chinese elementary school girl unsuccessfully tried to end her life by jumping from the 15th story of her building because she hadn’t finished all her homework.

A shocking video was released on Chinese social media showing the girl sitting from her 15th floor of a residential building in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, China, dangling her feet from the ledge before maneuvering herself into a position where she could fall.

Eventually, she let go, plunging to what she believed would be her death.

Luckily, she survived, landing on an air cushion that had been placed there by worried rescuers below. She sustained an injury to her ear but otherwise was unharmed.

According to Shanghaiist via Medium, the girl’s mother later revealed that the 6th grader had been stressed out due to school. She was supposed to return to school the next day and she hadn’t finished all the homework she was supposed to do over winter break.

Many netizens’ hearts were broken after a first-grade student from Dawo county in Sichuan Province, southwest China, made a reference about his often absent father in his math homework.

The boy, who is only identified by his surname Luo, was asked in his homework “How many people are there in your family?” according to Chongqing Morning Post’s report on Monday via South China Morning Post. Luo, who is a part of a family of four with his father, mother, and a younger sister, brazenly wrote in his paper “three”.

After seeing his answer, the boy’s mother immediately asked why he wrote three instead of four. He stood by his answer, stating “three” was correct, addeding, “daddy is never home.”

Luo’s explanation to her made the mother so incredibly upset that she took a picture of her son’s answer sheet and sent it to his father, Luo Jian, who works as a police officer. According to the report, he is often away from home on weekends and even holidays.

So [his idea of family] doesn’t include me. I’m heartbroken,” Jian wrote in the caption after he uploaded his son’s math answer on social media. He also said in the caption that he felt like crying after he read what his wife sent to him.

The man’s message, which was posted on Weibo, has been shared more than 14,000 times and drew 400 comments from netizens sending their sympathies to the officer.

While his son may unfortunately see him in that way, his wife, on the other hand, is pretty proud of what he is doing. “Although he can’t give me romance or companionship, I am still very proud of him,” the wife said, as reported by Tencent News.

Luo may not realize it now, but once gets older, he’ll see that his father made a pretty huge sacrifice so that they could live a comfortable life.

Featured image via SCMP