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Genetic Engineering Ethics Essay Ideas

The case for and against genetic engineering Essay examples

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The case for and against genetic engineering

I will look at the case for and against the use of genetic engineering and make a conclusion on whether or not I believe that it is right. As I believe in genetic engineering, I will start buy looking at the reasons that support it.

The main reason that I support genetic engineering is that this technology has dramatically improved our ability to treat and even cure diseases and gentic disorders. If mRNA is isolated and incubated with reverse transcriptase, copies of the insulin genes can be produced. Density gradient centrifugation is used that allows large amount of insulin to be extracted. The reason why this is important is that “it has been…show more content…

Another benefit of is that they have higher yields, therefore not only can crops last longer, but more can be produced to meet consumer demand. This important for British farmers if they are wanting to sell their products abroad. Also GM crops can be “grown in areas of famine where there is poor rainfall”. (Bio Factsheet Number 69 Page 3). This is important as it means developing countries have a better chance of being self sufficient.

The Guide to Biotechnology (Page 3) states that it is possible with “genetic modification to improve existing proteins, usually enzymes, and to create proteins not found in nature”. This is important as the enzymes can be adapted to work at lower temperatures than chemical catalysts. The main benefit I believe this has is that it saves energy, which means that it is better for the environment and also the producers of the enzymes as they will be able to make reactions happened at lower temperatures and save money.

I must also consider the reasons against the use of genetic engineering. Some people believe that genetic engeering is being used as “justification to turn the environment into a giant experiment by commercial interests”. (Say no to genetic engineering Page 1). Even though I agree with genetic engineering I can understand the idea that it can be dangerous, as the pollen of GM crops “may be blown onto food

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Bob Corbett, instructor

  • "Should We Be Working Toward Human Cloning for Infertility Treatment" by Roland M. Green.
    SOURCE: Eden Webster Library - INFOTRAC

    DESCRIPTION: This article is about cloning in the case of an infertile couple. The author tries to think of possible objections of cloning and gives reasons why these objections are not working.

    RELEVANCE: This article seems relevant to our discussion because it shows that genetic engineering is not necessarily bad and perverse. The author clearly states that there is no ethical reason not to promote this practice and he tries to object the most common objections of cloning. Genetic engineering is seen rather as enrichment than as a danger to human life.

    Article recommended by Andreas Wirth
  • ARTICLE: "Human Germline Gene Modification: a Dissent"

    AUTHOR: Paul R. Billings; Ruth Hubbard; Stuart A. Newman

    SOURCE: Eden Webster Library - INFOTRAC

    DESCRIPTION: The message coming across in this paper is clearly that manipulating human genes should be prohibited. The authors show what possible dangers could arise when DNAs are manipulated.

    RELEVANCE: I believe this article is relevant to our discussion since it shows the potential threats of genetic engineering. The paper develops a set of reasons which support the thesis that the manipulation of germ cells should be prohibited. The attempt is made to show the impacts on future life and the existence of the human race.

    Article recommended by Andreas Wirth
  • Monkeying Around with the Self.
    By: Cathy Young

    Description: This article talks about risks of implying genetic engeneering on people and about possible consequences on human kind when the time comes that it is safe enough to use it on people frequently.

    Relevance: This article is important for our subject since it provides us with information about consequences of genetic engenering on humans.This could help us make up our minds about weather it would be good or bad for human race, or at least provide us with more information about it.

    Article recommened by Petra Ljevak
  • Genetic engineering and social justice: a Rawlsian approach.
    By David B. Resnik

    Description: This article deals with approaching the whole problem of genetic engeneering from Rawlsian perspective.It talks about how it could change the social order by putting genetic traits under social control.

    Relevance: This article is relevant to our topic because it can provide us with arguments from alitle bit different perspective, which could help in making us aware that there are many ways of looking at the same thing.

    Article recommened by Petra Ljevak
  • "Oocyte cytoplasm transfers and ethics of germ-line intervention"
    Author: John A. Robertson

    Source: Journal of Law,Medicine and Ethics

    Description: Article is concerned with different tyoes of gene/DNA interventions.

  • "Introduction:Reading the human genome:gothic tale or happy ending? "
    Source: Joural of Law, Medicine and Ethics

    Description: The human genome project seen as benefit for the society.

    Significant for our discussion, because moral questions in relation to this topic are discussed

    Article recommened by Nikola Fechter
  • The Big Test (medical privacy, human genomics morality)
    Source: The New Republic

    Description: This article is about bioengineering, making new genes and the moral question.

    Relevance: I think this article is relevant because it discusses the problem of humans taking the role of God and determing the course of evolution.

    Article recommended by Julia Schmidt
  • Reckless Reproduction (morality of reproductive technology)
    By Julia Duin

    Description: This article describes the problems of reproductive technology.

    Relevance: I think this article is relevant because it talks about the problems of reproductive technology wether it is or it is not moral acceptable.

    Article recommended by Julia Schmidt
  • When man plays God
    Tom Wilkie

    Description: The article discusses the morality of genetic modification (and also nuclear power) in concern to positive and negative sides of the issues.

    Significance: Genetic modification is a very controversial topic in relation to moral issues that are involved. Genetic modification is important in disease therapy and for the alleviation of human suffering, but abuse of genetic modification is very dangereous. The various uses of genetic modification involves hard topics for moral discussion and opinions vary greatly.

    Article recommended by Fatime Hegyi
  • Germ-line gene modification and desease prevention: some medical and ethical perspectives
    By Nelson A. Wivel, LeRoy Walters

    Description: The article discusses the moral issues involved to germ-line modification. Technical feasibility and ethical acceptability for the prevention of deseases are two topics discusses in detail by the author.

    Significance: Again, there are uses of genetic modification, that is the prevention of deseases that is a very important milestone in the field of medical research, but the moral side of it involves controvesies among scolars.

    Article recommended by Fatime Hegyi
  • Intimations of Immortality
    By John Harris

    Description: The article discusses some moral questions of genetic engineering allowing for expanded lifespans or even "immortality". The author discusses whether such progress is desirable and how it could be controlled.

    Relevance: As one form of selective enhancement, prolonging lifespans covers nicely a wide range of moral problems related to genetic engineering. Where should the line for helping the sick be drawn or should it be drawn at all, even if this would cause the world to be flooded with "immortals"?

    Article recommended by Jani Moliis
  • GENETIC ENGINEERING: Is It Morally Acceptable?
    By Bernard Gert

    Description: This article approaches genetic engineering from a critical point of view, calling it eunegics and showing what's ethically wrong with genetically engineering people to improve them.

    Relevance: The article could hardly be more relevant to our discussion.

    Article recommended by Jani Moliis