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2008 Ap Us History Dbq Essays

APUSH DBQ 2008: Vietnam War

Overall, the Vietnam War that arose in the period of 1964 to 1975, was unpopular conflict that failed to defend South Vietnam from North Vietnam and changed American�s opinion on the country�s role on the world and themselves. As the war escalated the damage done grew greatly, the people grew unhappy and social unrest started to rise. The misguided management of economics for the war effort vs. American Poverty took over. On top of all this of political corruption came about with Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon�s Watergate scandal.
Involvement in the Vietnam War, created many social changes to American people. The instatement of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution by LBJ�s Administration ...
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coming home in body bags and caskets. (Doc B) This made many American parents feel sad that their son had just been killed. Now on the other hand many soldiers come home with injuries including psychological injuries. Radical protests started with young people in order to protest the war. This began the new age of �hippies� than the old silent age.
Lyndon B Johnson was a man who dealt with the civil rights problems during his presidency. But the claim for American power took over during Gulf Tokin Resolution of 1964 which gave him power to escalate the Vietnam War inserting troops on the ground.(Doc A) This made American opinion also turn against him. President Nixon came in to office after LBJ.(Doc G) He himself said he would decrease the war effort. He still had a bitter rivalry between the democratic party and therefore escalated the war. The Watergate Scandal that he was apart of also ruined his chance of being elected again because excised his power of the executive branch ...

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